Lake of the Woods Learn to Skate participants compete across the region, see them in local show

by Shawna Wendler, Reporter
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Several of the Junior and advanced skaters from 
Lake of the Woods Skating Club practiced their solo program in a 
simulation recently as they prepared to enter regional competitions. 
Pictured: Aria Ivall, Madison Peterson, Makayla Bossoletti, Molly Pierson, Nora Johnson, Ellie Yeo-Forsyth, Kit Patton, Melody Solar, 
River Nylander. Back row: Brooke Andersen, Lacie Ferrier, Denary 
Thompson, Thea Sinninghe, Keira Ferrier, Liberty Lussier, Katelyn 
Peterson, Katie Quo, Lily Solar, Aunika Nylander, and Brielle Hasbargen. 
(missing Ellie Jacobson) Submitted by LOTW Skating Club